Happy Birthday, Lebah!

Seven years ago, on May 18, Komunitas Lebah held their social event for the first time, i.e. free health check up at Muara Angke. It was initiated by three people, Nandha Julistya, Putu Rizki and Fifi Moestarika. We thank the Lord that entering this new age, 7 years old, we have grown the number of volunteers, and we call them Beezers, who are ready to spread the sting of caring to others.

Thank you dear Lord who has brought us together. Thank you for uniting our heart and help us to always remember and do what we believe in, Bersama Berbagi Pedli.

Thank you our dear friends of Lebah who have given your trust to us.

Thank you Beezers for the collaboration, as without good collaboration, Komunitas Lebah will just a name.

We wish and hope that everything we have done, do and will do are blessed by God.

Please keep the spirit high, we still have many homeworks to do.

Salam Lebah, Bzzzzz…
Bersama Berbagi Peduli