Proposal of Gali Kreativitasmu 2016

Assalamu’alaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarrakatuh…

Hello, our beloved friends of Lebah.

In this coming month og August, Komunitas Lebah will hold an event called Gali Kreativitasmu (Find Your Creativity). This event will involve 50 less fortunate and street childrens. In this event, we will take them to visit the City Hall (Balai Kota) and Jakarta Smart City, plus have them to explore their creative side by painting on a shirt.

Gali Kreativitasmu will be held on :

Date : August 21, 2016
Venue : Gedung Balai Kota Jakarta
Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan 8-9 Blok F Lt. 1, Gambir, Jakarta Pusat.

Therefore, we ask you, our beloved friends, to contribute minimum Rp. 150.000 (applies multiplication) for one package. This package consists of a school bag, stationeries, drawing kit and limitless knowledge that they will get during the event. For further info, you may read our proposal at this link:

The donation can be done via transfer to one of our account below:
Mandiri : a/n Komunitas Lebah : 101-000-7235-706
BCA : a/n Fitriana Damayanti : 554-036-8459

The latest date to donate: August 18, 2016

Please send your confirmation of transfer via WA to 081214799140 with format: date of transfer (space) name of bank (space) name of donor (space) GK (space) amount of donation.

We thank you for your attention. Let’s participate in spreading happiness and knowledge to our lovely Indonesian children.

Salam Lebah, Bzzzzz….
Bersama Berbagi Peduli

Note: All donations that come after August 18 or after the budget is met will automatically be transferred to our ongoing program, Sekolah Untuk Negeri (SUN) 2016. The prooposal can be read at this link: