Proposal Sekolah Untuk Negeri

Assalamu’alaikum warrahmatullahi wabarrakatuh, peace be upon us…

First of all, let us all thank God for everything He has given to us throughout this life. With His love and blessing, we have our balanced health, a proper life and abundant sustenance. And as His creature, it should be our basic nature that when we are given something from Him, then we should give back some more to others, or in other words, we share acts of kindness.

And because we want to share some more, therefore this year, we have one more program in education sector, and we call that program as Sekolah Untuk Negeri (School For The Nation).  The reason we initiate this program because we believe, that every human being deserves to get their basic rights, and that includes children. In this case, we want that every kid can get their rights in education, having appropriate and adequate education facilities to support their study.

Yet, children who go to Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Nurkholis, the Islamic elementary school, never experience those appropriate and adequate education facilities and infrastructure. This school is located at Kampung Cikiamis RT 06/04, Sukalaksana Village, District of Talegong, Garut Regency, West Java. The condition is far from ideal school. It was only established by bamboo, the floor of its classroom is laterite, the size of the classroom itself is not even the national standard size, and that one classroom is used by two grades. As for furniture of the classroom, it’s very lacking.

Looking at those facts and having a lot of considerations, we make our decision to have this school as our first location to hold this program. This program is our effort to:

• Provide a comfortable and convenient place to study for students;
• Provide a conducive working place for teachers;
• Educate both students and teachers to have a clean and organize life.

We really need the help and contribution from our dear friends, be it individual or company, in realizing our wish to humanize the human. We highly appreciate and deeply grateful if you can pass this article or proposal to your friends, colleagues, family members, relatives, neighbors, companies, and so on, thus the budget of IDR683,960,000.00 can be met and the target of inauguration at the end of October 2016 can be accomplished. The duration to implement this program is 5 months, and during that period, we continue to open our door for your contribution and fund.

You can transfer the fund to one of our accounts below:

MANDIRI a/n Komunitas Lebah, account number : 1010007235706 (swift code: BMRIIDJA)
BCA a/n Fitriana Damayanti, nomor : 5540368459 (swift code: CENAIDJA)

Please send your confirmation or receipt of transfer via SMS/WA/Viber/Telegram/Line to +6281214799140 with format:

To see a complete proposal of this program, please click here.

Once again, we are very grateful for all of your contribution given to realize this program.

Salam Lebah, Bzzzzz…
Bersama Berbagi Peduli


Akses menuju Madrasah
Access to school


Langit-langit kelas
Classroom’s ceiling


Jamban Madrasah
School’s toilet


Ruang kelas
The classroom