Proposal of Cerdas Tanpa Batas 2016

Good d12240067_954069864663672_6085422463773158499_nay to all Lebah friends,

As we all know, the end of year is approaching. For us, it means that we must prepare ourselves for our annual program, Cerdas Tanpa Batas, that will be held on January 9, 2016. This time, Cerdas Tanpa Batas, or in English it is translated as Intelligence Without Border, will be held in Rancecet Hamlet, Rancapinang Village, District of Cimanggu, Regency of Pandeglang, Banten Province.

Considering that the main activity of Cerdas Tanpa Batas is giving books to local children and community, therefore we invite all of you to contribute in providing those books. We accept almost all kind of books (EXCEPT manga/serial comic book) with few criteria that the book is NOT TORN and NO SKETCH in the book.

We will collect the book until January 1, 2016.

However, we also open our door should there be any of you who wants to contribute money, where it can be used to buy school uniforms, school stationeries, bags, etc. You may transfer it to one of our bank accounts:

Mandiri: 1010007235706 a/n Komunitas Lebah
BCA : 5540368459 a/n Fitriana Damayanti

We appreciate that one you transfer the money, you confirm it via WhatsApp messenger/SMS to 081214799140 with format:  DATE of TRANSFER (space) BANK (space) NAME (space) AMOUNT

To have a clear detail on the program, please click here to read our proposal. Thank you for the attention and your wish to us so we could carry out the activity as our plan. Amen…

Salam Lebah, Bzzzzz…
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