Accountability Report of SMS 2016

Accountability Report
Sehat Milik Semua (SMS) 2016
Cihanjuang Village, District of Cibarusah,
Bekasi Regency – West Java 

I. Forewords
This program, SMS (Sehat Milik Semua) is an annual activity of Komunitas Lebah in health sector by providing free health check up for less fortunate/marginal people.

This activity is expected to provide a wide opportunity for those people to get a health check up without having to spend  one single cent, because we believe that health is the basic human rights and everyone should have the access to that, regardless their gender, race, tribe and religion.

II. Detail of Activity

Health Check Up
By the greatness of the Almighty, we are deeply grateful that on Saturday, March 19 2016, we successfully held Sehat Milik Semua (SMS) at Cihanjuang Village RT. 01 to 02, District of Cibarusah, Bekasi Regency, West Java. The event started from 08.30 to 13.00.

We recorded that approximately 130 people from target of 200 people showed up and handled properly by our volunteer doctors. Some people could not make it because the distance from their house to the event is quite far and they don’t have any family member who could take them to the event. Another and the major reason is it is their harvesting time, so they choose to be in the rice field rather than going to this event.

There are 25 Beezers (the nickname of our volunteers), 9 volunteer doctors & 2 pharmacists who participated in this event.

Sudut Bocah
Like other activities held by us, we also had an activity for children in Sudut Bocah (the kid’s corner). It was held at the terrace of Mr. Kasim’s house, the head of RT 02 of Cihanjuang Village.

Approximately 30 children aged 4 to 12 years old joined in Sudut Bocah, entertained by Kak Yanie, our storyteller. Besides telling stories, she taught origami to those kids and asked them to play simple games. We also gave them gifts for kids who can answer questions from Kak Yanie.

III. Closing
We highly appreciate all parties who have helped us organizing this event. We thank you, our dear friend of Lebah, for the trust, donation, pray and support given to us. To Beezers, we thank you for the time and help to make this event went as planned. For our volunteer doctors, dr. Lina Alil Isnawati, dr. Ita Rosita, dr. Wigati Rahmiarti, dr. Deski Rachnidar, dr. Manda Pisilia, dr. Desiy Afriani Fitri, dr, Nurhalimah Aruan, dr, Rima Pahlasari, dr. Poppy Saraswati and pharmacist, Rina Purnamasari S.Si,Apt, and Marissa Ika Putri S.Farm,Apt who are willing to volunteer and give their time to help others through this event. We also thank Femina Group who is willing to give some books to be donated to kids and local people.

We hope that what we have done would be meaningful and give benefit to local people. We also wish that the spirit to help others may continue. If God wills, Insya Allah, we will meet again in the next event.

For financial report, please click here. For documentation, please go to our photo gallery. Thank you.

Salam Lebah Bzzzzz…
Bersama Berbagi Peduli

Head of Committee,
Novia Santi